Download Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk V5.3 (No Sway)

You are given the responsibility of eliminating all the enemies and restore peace. Your team is down and it is now upon you to complete the entire mission because when you are on a battlefield, there is no exit and its either kill or be killed. The fun and adventure if such environments could only be experienced on the big screens through the movies but all thanks to the technology advancements that allowed a lot of android gaming apps to be built on the same concept and we shall make the task easier by suggesting the best option out there.

The Kill Shot Bravo is the game that takes you on a journey of being responsible for freeing a whole lot of people from the grip and torture of the enemy. The game will require to eliminate and shoot everyone who shall come forth your way of restoring peace in the neighbourhood. The game is created with the best quality of graphics that shall provide the gamer with a realistic gaming experience. The game shall be provided to the gamer for absolutely free of charge.

The game is designed to let the gamer step into the shoes of a shooter and take the task of restoring peace and freeing the people from the torture of the enemy by going on a killing spree where you get the chance to eliminate every person that shall come forth your way and Stop you from achieving your goal. The game is designed to provide the gamer with an all round gaming experience using the best available graphics and is shared for absolutely free of charge.

The article shall be dedicated towards providing the gamer with all the necessary details about the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk including the basic features and gameplay. We shall then talk about the download process and the downloading requirements while sharing the access to the download link for getting the latest version of the game.

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Download Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk For Android (No Sway)


Mod Any Game Using Lucky Patcher For Android!

Features of the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk:

  • The number of gamers are on a rise who have complained that the modern day android gaming apps are not able to stay true to the promise of providing an all round gaming experience because they provide the gamer with a limited gaming content that eventually becomes boring. Therefore the makers made sure that the game is designed with a lot of gaming modes and difficulty levels that shall enable the gamer to put the skills and abilities to test in challenging levels and diverse gaming environment.
  • Whenever we talk about an android gaming app which is based on the concept of action and shooting, half of the battle is won when the gamer is provided with an advantage of getting a huge collection of guns to choose from. This is exactly what the makers capitalised upon and created the gameplay with a huge collection of guns, each having their own unique qualities and being able to unlocked during the course of the game. So the gamer must plan their gaming strategy carefully and get their hands on the best of guns available.
  • The gaming experience shall go to another height when the gamer is provided with an opportunity to play the game with their friends. This is what the makers capitalised upon when they created the provision of online PvP rifle battles where the gamer is able to challenge the online players into one on one PvP shooting battles where they shall figure out who is the better player out there. So polish your skills and prepare for war.
  • Whenever you are on a battlefield, you are all alone and in such a scenario if the enemy is stronger than you then it will be game over for you. This is where the makers decided to introduce the concept of alliances wherein the gamer can be a part or themselves create an alliance with the others for helping them or receiving help from them in times of troubles because when you go to war, it is better to have you back covered.

What’s more in the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk?

The game that requires the elimination of the entire enemy base in order to free people and restore peace can become more interesting when the gamer gets an advantage. The modified version of the game gives the user with the advantage of getting no sway which shall provide the gamer with the opportunity to take down all the enemies with the utmost ease and eliminate them faster. The gamer will be able to get through all the challenges faster and ultimately become the best player out there. The mod apk with the advantage offered becomes the preferred choice for every android user.

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Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk File Information:

App NameKill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPSFile Size93 MBVersion5.3Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and AboveDeveloperHothead GamesLast UpdatedDecember 4, 2018

How to Download & Install the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk?

  • Click on below button to start downloading of Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk.


  • Select OK for starting the download process immediately.
  • The user will be taken to the installation page of the game after the download process will be completed.

Welcome to the premier first person shooter experience for mobile phones and tablets. It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5-star FPS fix!

Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!



Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigate secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of a peaceful world.

  • From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world in search of terror threats.
  • Commandeer vehicles to turn the tide of battle! Navigate close quarter combat down narrow alleys in the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air in hazardous helicopter missions!
  • Complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and clear them of any threat! Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assault missions and outshoot your opponent.
  • Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot!

Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate enemy threats. You are the frontline of battlefield defense against the most dangerous threats to world security!

  • Encounter different enemy types each with their own strengths and combat objectives.
  • Seek out and neutralize Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.


  • Test your skill against other real snipers in live ranked Player Verses Player matches in PVP mode!
  • Be the hunter before you are the hunted!
  • Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat.
  • Find your target. Take aim. Fire!


  • This time you won’t be fighting alone! Build powerful alliances with other players and help each other to be successful completing the high risk missions.
  • Discover and kill enemies with bounties on their heads before they can escape!
  • Friends can join you on missions, spotting the targets and assisting you to terminate enemies.
  • Full Chat function in game to allow tactical discussions with other players.


  • Customize your avatar and get Perks to help in the battle!
  • Unlock and equip cool Gear, including helmets, uniforms, body armour, goggles, facemasks, gloves, boots, and more.
  • Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory! Now YOU get to control the Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towards its target for the ultimate hit!


  • Compete for high scores alone or with your Alliance against opposing Alliances.
  • Earn Achievements for showing off your deadly sniper skills.
  • Take on weekly Quests to win additional prizes and achievements

How To Get Free Unlimited ExpressVPN Premium MOD APK

We are tired of so many soft launch titles. when it comes to our favorite ones we can not wait for the official release. so in this time we have to use VPN and connect to soft-launch country in order to play our favorite game. but working VPN Applications requires Paid or Premium Subscriptions. Today i will be showing you how to get free Unlimited ExpressVPN Premium APK on Your Android phones. Its as simple as installing any game apk file.

Get Free Unlimited ExpressVPN Premium MOD APK 7.3.0

But why use ExpressVPN for Soft-Launch games?
First of all its working perfectly with almost all the soft-launch titles and its easy to use.

Tt is very simple to use. In order to establish a VPN connection all you need to do is simply press the big button in the center of the client. You see a smart location section there – At first it gives you automatically configured best VPN selections for your current location. but you can manually select your preferred locations. In Asphalt 9 we will have to use Philippines VPN to play the game.

Modified version!ExpressVPN Cracked APK is a high-speed VPN proxy service that provides privacy and security. With just a few taps, you can securely and anonymously use the Internet.

The ExpressVPN network has more than 140 locations of VPN servers in 94 countries. At the same time, you have no restrictions on the number of switching between servers, i.e. You can change locations as many times as you like. 

In matters of security and security on the Internet, ExpressVPN is simply indispensable. Your connection will be securely encrypted so that third parties will not be able to track your online activities. Our VPN service is much more reliable than a regular proxy. 

Why do people choose ExpressVPN? 
• Easy download and use on Android devices 
• Hundreds of VPN server locations around the world, including in North and South America, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa 
• Strict privacy policy, no registration of online activity and connections
• Works with Wi-Fi, LTE / 4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers 
• Offers encryption using UDP and TCP protocols

OS: Android ™ 5.0 and higher 

Interface language: Russian / multilanguage 

  • Mod Info:
    • Disable metrics and analytics;
    • Turn off debagging;
    • Removed dependencies on gugloservices;
    • Applied anonymity patch to reset the trial;
    • Activate the trial period(Unlimited Trial)
  • How To Use
    • Start trial with any random email id.

What’s new:

– New: home screen widget: connect, disconnect and change location from your home screen. 
– New: split tunneling: choose which apps use the VPN when connected. 
– Improved: app colors.

MOD FEATURES (by Stabiron)

• Analytics / services disabled 
• Google Play dependency removed 
• Unlimited trial 
• Sign up using any random email 

Note :

  • If you get “Free Trial Not Available” error, switch between mobile data/wifi. Or restart your router and it will work.

Premium MOD APK of ExpressVPN does not give you unlimited days but you can easily get 200+ days to use your App. Since i dint have a week to test so just posting the ExpressVPN MOD APK here so you can enjoy your favorite Soft-Launch titles. Alternatively you can use many apps but ExpressVPN is the working one available right now.


1) First of all download the Express VPN MOD APK and Install it in your phone.
2) Once App is installed Open it. Click on start free trial and enter any random text as EMAIL like [email protected] and click on Register.
3) Now Head to the ExpressVPN Settings and click on VPN PROTOCOL and Select UDP PROTOCOL.
4) You will be signed in automatically with 200+ days of remaining Premium Days Account.
5) Now Select your Location and enjoy.

Problems and Their Solutions:-

1:- If you get Connection Failed Error then go to ExpressVPN Settings and Select UDP Protocol. Now Try to connect. It should be working.
2:- When you get Data Limit Usage is over then you will have to Uninstall ExpressVPN then restart your phone and Install again. Follow Instructions Properly from the start.
3:- If you get Contact Support Error then Uninstall Application and Restart your phone. Install it again and start new trial again.


Termux is a free and open code app that simulates the command shell used in Linux. By doing so, you can introduce all the usual commands and work comfortably from your Android device. 

The app has several upgrades from the classic Android Terminal Emulator such as having access to a huge library of Linux packages to install right from the device, as well as some keyboard shortcuts transformed into combinations with the volume and on/off buttons. Likewise, it’s compatible with external keyboards of all kinds. 

Whether you’re working with con NodeJS, Ruby, or Python, or you have to connect to servers via SSH, Termux can help you because of its potential to manage packages as if you were sitting in front of your desktop – but with the clean versatility of using Linux on an Android device, whose hardware is powerful enough to complete any task.

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically – additional packages are available using the APT package manager.

Read the wiki to learn more

Secure. Access remote servers using the ssh client from OpenSSH. Termux combines standard packages with accurate terminal emulation in a beautiful open source solution.

Feature packed. Take your pick between Bash, fish or Zsh and nano, Emacs or Vim. Grep through your SMS inbox. Access API endpoints with curl and use rsync to store backups of your contact list on a remote server.

Customizable. Install what you want through the APT package management system known from Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Why not start with installing Git and syncing your dotfiles?

Explorable. Have you ever sat on a bus and wondered exactly which arguments tar accepts? Packages available in Termux are the same as those on Mac and Linux – install man pages on your phone and read them in one session while experimenting with them in another.

With batteries included. Can you imagine a more powerful yet elegant pocket calculator than a readline-powered Python console? Up-to-date versions of Perl, Python, Ruby and Node.js are all available.

Ready to scale up. Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and hook up your device to an external display if you need to – Termux supports keyboard shortcuts and has full mouse support.

Tinkerable. Develop by compiling C files with Clang and build your own projects with CMake and pkg-config. Both GDB and strace are available if you get stuck and need to debug.

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.

  • Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.
  • Edit files with nano and vim.
  • Access servers over ssh.
  • Compile code with gcc and clang.
  • Use the python console as a pocket calculator.
  • Check out projects with git and subversion.
  • Run text-based games with frotz.

At first start a small base system is downloaded – desired packages can then be installed using the apt package manager known from the Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions. Access the built-in help by long-pressing anywhere on the terminal and selecting the Help menu option to learn more.

Read help online:

Google+ Community:

  • License: GPL-3.0-only 
  • Website 
  • Issue Tracker 
  • Source Code 
  • Changelog 
  • Build Metadata
  • Technical info


  • Donate:


Although APK downloads are available below to give you the choice, you should be aware that by installing that way you will not receive update notifications and it’s a less secure way to download. We recommend that you install the F-Droid client and use that. DOWNLOAD F-DROID

  • Version 0.66 (66) – Added on 2019-01-29 This version requires Android 5.0 or newer. It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball. Download APK 210 KiB PGP Signature  Permissions
    • android.permission.INTERNET
    • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
    • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
    • android.permission.VIBRATE
    • android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
    • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • Version 0.65 (65) – Added on 2018-08-03 This version requires Android 5.0 or newer. It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball. Download APK 221 KiB PGP Signature  Permissions
  • Version 0.64 (64) – Added on 2018-07-06 This version requires Android 5.0 or newer. It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball. Download APK 217 KiB PGP Signature

Download Angry Birds Transformers (MOD, Coins/Unlocked) free on android

Angry Birds Transformers 1.41.2 Apk + Mod (Coins, Unlimited Jenga) + Data for Android

Angry Birds Transformers Apk Mod Data is arcade game. This Game Is rolling out across Of the planet .

Download Angry Birds Transformers from the link below

In this game you have NEW WEAPONS and Sentinel Prime and Bludgeon and SoundBlaster . Download Angry Birds Transformers Apk Mod Data From RevDl with Direct Link .

Angry Birds Transformers is a simple, fun, addictive and fantastic game in the genre of action games. in this game players control an angry bird who is trying to find items stolen by the Decepticons, that fused with the evil green pigs. totally in the game you should run forward nonstop and aim and shoot constantly. play and enjoy it !!!


APK + MOD + DATA for Android

Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this action-packed, 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! The EggSpark has transformed the eggs into crazed robots who are destroying Piggy Island, but who can stop them?! Autobirds, ROLL OUT!

Have you ever seen an alien robot Angry Bird? Enter the AUTOBIRDS! This brave band of heroes features Red as Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee and… well you’ll meet the rest soon. They’ve got lasers and they turn into cars. Plus they have arms and legs – that’s a first!

But the courageous Autobirds can’t save Piggy Island on their own – to stop the EggBots they’ll need to join forces with their arch rivals the DECEPTIHOGS (like Decepticons only smellier). Can these bitter enemies team up and put aside their differences? Yeah right…

NOTE: Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.


  • COLLECT! Unlock a roster of heroes (and villains) with unique attacks and abilities!
  • DESTROY! Leave the slingshot at home – this time you have some SERIOUS firepower!
  • VEHICLES! Oh, yes! Car, truck, tank or plane – transform to dodge falling hazards!
  • UPGRADES! Get stronger weapons and new abilities for every Transformer!
  • TAG TEAM! Borrow a friend’s character to unleash a devastating two-bot assault!
  • TELEPODS™! Scan ‘em to unlock, revive or boost your bots!


  • A network connection is required for some game features.
  • When you play for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content in the background.

Visit Angry Birds Transformers Headquarters:


Important message for parents:

  • Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
  • Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
  • Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
  • The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.



/NEW CHARACTER! “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…!”

/NEW ACCESSORIES! “Can never have enough”

/CHALLENGES! Watch out for Unicron, Eggbots, Elite Pigs and even Sharkticons on the beach!

/SHOCKWAVES SPIRE! Help has arrived!

/OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Quality of life improved.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. “com.rovio.angrybirdstransformers” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.


Infinite Coins After Increased
Jenga Unlocked

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team V3.2.113645 Apk + Mod(Free Paying/No Ads) + Data for android

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a casual game for android

download last version of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Apk + Mod(Free Paying/No Ad) + Data for android from RevDl with direct link

In this game, You can manage your ultimate team, create your own fantasty team, choose your play style, … . you also can pick the right player and beat the challenge to earn rewards. you can go battle against players from real leauges around the world, also you can buy players that you can’t unlock better than.

FUT has provided some useful features for players. the interface improvements is one of them. by this improvement you are able to swap squad players efficiently, manage pack items quicker, search the Transfer Market by in-form, and etc. another feature is broadcast presentation, that puts your club at center stage. there’s a new way to play ultimate team, called FUT Draft.

Play beautiful with a newer, better, and faster FIFA experience on mobile! FIFA 16 Ultimate Team lets you celebrate every awesome attack, nail-biting goal, and powerful win like never before with console-like graphics. Experience the most realistic set of football features on Google Play.

** This is a highly detailed game of superior quality. Please make sure you have at least 1.4GB of free space on your device. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team works best on Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, HTC M8, Asus Nexus 7 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Nexus 4, LG G2. **

Get ready for better skill moves, more exciting goals, more responsive controls, smarter teammates, and improved animations as you play the match. Plus, now it’s even easier to play like a pro with Enhanced Hybrid Controls that let you use Gestures or Buttons to control the ball. Gain improved offside awareness and more with Attacking Intelligence, then blow past defenders with ease. Alternatively choose to simulate matches, taking the manager position on the side of the pitch. Also, for the first time on mobile, you can trigger unique player celebrations on the pitch after you score!

Earn, trade, and transfer superstars like Lionel Messi, Jordan Henderson, and Juan Cuadrado to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits, and more, then balance player chemistry for the strongest squad compositions.

Choose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and go to battle against other players from real leagues in real arenas from around the world. Recreate challenges from current live-event football matches, too, with Dynamic Accomplishments.

Now trade players and items you no longer need for a chance of unlocking something better. The higher value items or players you trade, the better the upgrades you’ll get back!

Ready to play the beautiful game, wherever you are? Get FIFA 16 Ultimate Team now!

Important Consumer Information: This app requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod APK Free Download Letest version for Android. Download full APK of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tested Working On All Device.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Review

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is fantastic sports game which is developed under the banner of ELECTRONICS ARTS, Top Developer on Google Playstore. It is the all new sequel to the FIFA game you love to play on your smartphone. It has been developed beautifully with a newer, better and a faster game engine.

This game will surely let you cherish every moment in the Football game. You are going to experience most realistic take on FIFA ever on a smartphone. There will be a lot of new moves, more exciting goals scored, smarter gameplay and much improved animations. This game has a lot of modifications from the previous versions. You can also build and manage your own team which contains all your favorite players and then play with other teams. There are almost 10000 different real world footballers in this game. You can also exchange different players from other teams in this game. Now you can play your favorite FIFA game anywhere, anytime you want.

Features of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod

Below are exciting features of Game which you’ll experience after FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod APK Free Download.

  • Fantastic sports game.
  • Got newer, better and faster game engine.
  • Lets you cherish every moment in Football game.
  • Got loads of new moves.
  • Can build and manage your own team.
  • Smarter gameplay and enhanced animations.
  • Got lots of modifications from previous game.
  • Features almost 10,000 different real  world footballers.
  • Can exchange players from other teams.

Features of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Modded APK

  • Patched (Tested working on all devices).

Supported Android Versions

  • KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)
  • Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0.0–6.0.1)

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod APK Free Download

So Excited to Play? Well click on below button to start Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod APK. This is single direct link of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod APK Mod Unlocked With Unlimited Everything.

Instructions To Install

  1. Before Installing Game, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data. You can enable them later after game has started working fine.
  2. Extract the obb zip file directly to location sdcard/Android/obb/ or Copy Extracted folder to sdcard/Android/obb/
  3. [NOTE] If the obb folder doesn’t exist, simply create a new folder named obb inside sdcard/Android/
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Open the app, and run the game. It should no longer say “data files needed to download”

These are the steps and instructions to install any android games, that come with obb files, or are large in size.

Asphalt Nitro 1.7.2o Apk + Mod (Cash/Credits/Stars/Boxes) for android

Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money APK Free Download latest version for Android. So free download full APK of Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a for android with unlimited money.

Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money Overview

Welcome to Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money is one of the best racing android game which has been developed under the banner of Gameloft. You can also free download Train Racing Games 3D 2 Playerfrom our Website.

Asphalt Nitro is an interesting racing game and very popular thousands of games all around the world therefor everyone love to play it. In this game take control luxury licensed cars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno. In breathtaking environments that you will need to tame with the craziest stunts you can pull off. Fire up your Nitro and be the first to cross the finish line. You can take your amazing speed machines and push them miles beyond their limits and hit the ramps & take the race to new heights. This game is based on 8 different games modes including Gate Drift, Knockdown, and much more. You can play this game with your friends and challenge them in race. Graphics are really awesome and realistic that makes the game more attractive and really enjoyable.

Features Of Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money With Data

Below are exciting features of Game which you ‘ll experience after Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1 a Mod Money APK Free Download.

  • Imposing android racing game.
  • Full of amazing actions.
  • Play with your friends and challenge them.
  • Stunning HD graphics.
  • Beat your friends in asynchronous races.
  • Its best game for smarts phone and tablets.
  • Easy to play and easy to download.

 10 July 2018

Asphalt Nitro is a Racing Game for android
download last version of Asphalt Nitro Apk + Mod(Unlimited Cash/Credits/Stars/Boxes)for android from revdl with direct link

A spectacular addition to the Asphalt saga

Asphalt 8 just got a little brother. Get ready for all the adrenaline-pumping velocity you love, in a 25-MB package to download!

Take control of luxury licensed cars, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno, in breathtaking environments that you’ll need to tame with the craziest stunts you can pull off! Fire up your Nitro and be the first to cross the finish line!

• Take your amazing speed machines and push them miles beyond their limits!
• Hit the ramps and take the race to new heights.
• Maneuver through the air while pulling off mind-blowing stunts.

• Challenge opponents in 8 different game modes, including Gate Drift, Knockdown, and much more!
• Police Chase mode is back for the first time since the earliest days of the series!
• Beat your friends in asynchronous races!

• Race across some of the most gorgeous locations on Earth, each recreated with stunning graphics. From Brazil to China, you’ve got a whole world to explore!
• Discover loads of hidden shortcuts to help you completely dust the competition.

Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Modded

  • Unlimited Money
  • Minor bug fixes

Supported Android Versions

  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)
  • Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)
  • KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)
  • Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0.0–6.0.1)

We all fond of games on our smartphone and we are always in excitement to play first the new game recently launched in the gaming world. There are many genre of games like strategy, fighting, quest, adventure but the most famous among is the racing games which have been there since the trends of arcades was new. And when it comes racing games we always want some realistic experience to ourselves to get the better feel of the game. Asphalt is one of the most eye catching game available to us since a long time. It developers gameloft have never left us unsatisfied when it comes to the launching of the the newer version of games with new series of cars and stories to give best experience of the technology they can. Asphalt nitro mod is the latest edition to the series of the Asphalt since a very long time.

The latest Asphalt Nitro have many cool newer modes and vehicle to choose from. With a wide list of countries around the globe from which you can choose tracks for racing like get set go. Some older features like police chasing modes and many more have also been revived from the previous version to let your experience for this be similar to the previous versions. But we all known that the limitation of a good games sometimes irritates and let our expectation download. Asphalt nitro is also available on Google play store, you can also download this game from there. Like in Asphalt Nitro there are many in app purchase add-ons which makes the experience of full satisfaction be partial all the time.

Download Asphalt Nitro Mod

So, to deal with such problem all you need to is down install the apk version of the application which have unlocked all the in-app purchases, in order to get the complete satisfaction of the game. Here in this article we will be discussion all the information related to the Asphalt Nitro mod apk, regarding downloading, installation and featuresof this lovely apk mod. So let’s get started.

How to Download & Install Asphalt Nitro Mod on Android

  • Download Asphalt Nitro mod APK from here – Download Asphalt Nitro Mod
  • To install the apk based application you need need to follow some pre- installation procedure as it is required to download the game on your android phone, they are as followed.
  • Go to home screen and drag down the to go to setting by tapping on the settings icon.
  • There you will find option of security, click on the that. Then click unknown sources and enable it.
  • After allowing you device to accept applications from unknown sources, all need it to install application by opening the apk you downloaded previously.
  • Make sure you have disable you wifi and mobile data , as it is required for the successful installation of the application.
  • Accept the term and condition before the installation process and you are good to go.
  • Now, just open the game as the icon will available in the menu screen for the playing the game.

Features of Asphalt Nitro Mod APK

  • Cool graphics : the apk based mod works just like the original application with same realistic but virtual experience. Racing track includes ramps and twisted turned to perform cool ground as well height stunts during the race time. Speed limit of the cars have been increased to another extent that you will love to go with.
  • Wide variety of modes: play against your opponent in different mode such as gate drift, Knockdown,Slalom, Eject and many more from a list of 8 different modes. The classic police chasing mode add a different twist in whole racing. These mode can be played in the multiplayer options, so you can enjoy with your friends.

Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money APK Free Download

So Excited to play ? Well click on below button to start Download Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money APK. This is single direct link of Asphalt Nitro v1.7.1a Mod Money APK Mod Unlocked With Unlimited Everything.

Download Score! Match MOD APK v1.62 (Unlimited Money/Access)

Summary about Score! Match 1.62 APK

NameScore! MatchPublisherFirst Touch GamesGenre3D Games, Football Games, Online GamesLatest Version1.62Size87MMOD Features:NoPlatformsAndroid 5.0, iOS 10.0Get It On


  • Outline

This summer, the 2018 World Cup will be officially launched. The fans of the sport will be reunited with the biggest football parties on the planet. Besides, the most attractive football tournaments are going on fiercely. In the process of waiting for exciting matches every week, playing a football game is a great idea. Experience the exciting football game of the publisher First Touch Games with a game called Score! Match. Publisher name is also one of the techniques that any player owns. Believe me; you will enjoy the most passionate atmosphere in this game.

Playing football … the other way

Football is always a favourite sport in any country. And Score! Match is no exception. This game has a completely different mechanism in gameplay compared to other popular football games like Dream League Soccer orFootball Manager Mobile. In the game, whenever the ball reaches the foot of your team, the game will slow you down to let you choose the next action. Pass for teammates or continue to go ball. However, if you hesitate for too long in your decisions, the opponent will automatically ice up and take the ball in your foot. Each attack is beautiful or not depending on the creativity in each ball. You can make a lot of improvisation. A kickback, goals. A terrible save the goal. Or simply a Penalty situation. With Score! Match, you can do everything.

At the start of the game, you will be given a lineup of all anonymous players. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some players you know, but that’s a very low percentage. But do not worry, you can buy the players you love, the top stars in the world. The player’s price is the same as the player’s value in real life. After each game, you will earn some money. Especially when you win the league will bring a lot of money. Use that money to buy the players you want. Besides, the game will always update the index as well as new players every day, giving you the perfect experience. Do you want players like Paul Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Alexis Sanchez, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bakayoko, … on your team?

The number of players is varied

Every player in Score! Match owns a different set of indicators. This makes a difference in tactics when you assign different players in different teams. Sure, when using Messi you can not use the same as Peter Cround. Create your own tactics. However, depending on the opponent to give the most reasonable tactics. You are ready to become a great coach in Score! Match?

The gameplay modes

Score! Match has two main modes: play with AI or play with online players. The difficulty of AI will depend on your level in this game. I have met the cool AI like Barcelona or Arsenal. Combining online features, you have the opportunity to interact with other players around the world. Compete and win, especially the championship to advance to the glory. Show off your love on each ball.

Unique in design

As you see, the graphics of Score! Match does not seem to be on top of the market but still has its own unique features. The player’s actions, as well as the actions of the player, are simulated smoothly, in real high-quality 3D graphics. Small details such as a shirt, socks or shoes are also very clear and delicate. With a three-dimensional camera, you can see the dramatic situations from different angles, giving you the most authentic experience.

If it’s not so much about graphics or game branding, Score! Match will be an interesting new choice. Spend time playing fast, simple and fun games by downloading Score! Match APK on the device.


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Score! Match (MOD Money/Access)

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  • October 3, 2018
  •  Sports
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  •  Publisher:First Touch Games Ltd.
  •  Version:1.44
  •  Category:Sports
  •  Size:91MB
  •  Update:October 3, 2018 at 1:41 am
  •  Available at: Google Play

Glory is waiting for the heroes. Football has been one of the battlegrounds, but it was not the bloodiest but most fierce humankind ever created. Footballers also have to undergo rigorous training to obtain the superior strength and technique to achieve. The challenges they have to overcome are just to serve a goal that they set out as well as the hope of many people. That is the championship. Score! Match is a game from the famous game maker behind the success of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer. First Touch Games Ltd. said that his latest game is real-time multiplayer soccer is a lot of people expect.

Sports game with new style

Like all football games, you have to master the basic techniques of professional players like Dribble, pass, tackle and shoot. But while playing the game, all of them are beautifully done on the grass in their way. Journey to the top of the most successful teams of all time you decide. Play your way!

Multi-player mode

As mentioned above, Score! Match is a multiplayer game so you can invite your friends to play together in a high football match. When the two of you are close friends, the combination is even better to create a more relaxed game for both the opponents and get the reward. Also, you have the right to customise your team to match your style of play. Players will be able to choose the player that suits their technique to be able to organise different tactics that surprise the opponent. You can also customise the squad by upgrading your player stats. That way, you can show off your skills on the opponent and score goals. But do not be discouraged when you do not have a strong team that is investing a lot of money. All your victories are determined by your tactics and skills.

Depending on your needs, you can download Score! Match MOD APK or Score! Match Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

Art of Conquest (AoC) 1.20.34 Apk + Data for Android

Explore a massive magical world!

Slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!


• RAID dragon lairs to collect eggs and train your own dragon
• SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes with powerful abilities
• CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army
• CONTROL hundreds of warriors on a breathtaking field of battle
• CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels
• BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy
• DISCOVER a beautiful, hand-crafted continent
• DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards
• CONQUER the six kingdoms and become Emperor of Nore


• New Abyss stages.
• Void fast-travel and fast-collect.
• Other improvements and bug fixes.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. “folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

Art of Conquest (AoC) 1.20.34 Apk + Data for android

Art of Conquest (AoC) is a Strategy Game for android
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Art of Conquest (AoC) Mod 1.16.1 The new, super cute and popular strategy game genre from the Lilithgames gaming studio for Android devices is released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded to around 5 million times by Android users around the world today and at the request of a community of Dear Friends of Farsroidi, we have decided to introduce our latest version to you and to rejoice! Installing the Art of Conquest (AoC) on your tablet or Android phone, it’s a superbly crafted strategy game with stunning graphics and an environment that combines fantasy environments and medieval environments, with six empires to survive and dominate. Land of Nore will fight, you will experience! Encircle your enemies’ castle, with the help of my heroic heroes, take your evil-looking dragons from the razor blade and expand your empire!It brings to you strategy games and, quoting many people, is much more beautiful than the popular game of Colossus , what is your opinion ?!

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Explore a huge magical world!

Besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!


● CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels
● COMMAND hundreds of individual troops on a single – breathtaking field of battle
● SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes, each endowed with powerful abilities
● CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army
● BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy
● SIX embittered kingdoms strive to survive
● EXPLORE the beautiful, hand-crafted world of Nore
● DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards

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Version Info

App NameSB Game HackerRequires AndroidVersion 2.3+App Size970 KBApp Version5.0Last UpdatedMarch 18, 2017Main TaskChange Scores/Gems in Android GamesRoot Privileges RequiredYes

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sb game hacker apk


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Editor’s Comment

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Old Versions

  • 01/30/2018: Game Hacker 4.0
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  • 06/04/2013: Game Hacker 2.0.2
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  • 04/06/2013: Game Hacker 1.3.1
  • 04/03/2013: Game Hacker 1.3
  • 02/03/2013: Game Hacker 1.2
  • 01/04/2013: Game Hacker 1.1
  • 12/18/2012: Game Hacker 1.0
  • 01/20/2014: Google Play Version

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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD big rewards – Start your adventure with Eli Shane, you have to fight with enemy monsters, aliens and other enemies to uncover the mystery why slugs disappear for this you will repeatedly fight and slowly come to the solution of the gameplay, this is very addictive and interesting game. In a battle using slugs, you will release magic and the more energy the slug has, the more damage you will inflict on the enemy, using the puzzle three in a row you need to expose identical slugs to combine them and get energy to create a powerful skill. Improve your hero and replenish your slugs to become stronger.

Ultimate Drive Increase

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